Smart system for data collection and analysis

Emily is a system that uses advanced image analysis and synthesizes obtained data in specific conclusions which allows you to plan a successful campaign and increase sales.


Emily is an advanced system whose hardware analyses, learns and recognizes patterns in pictures, recognizes each person in the frame and can distinguish persons:

  • sex
  • age
  • the emotional state (happiness, sadness, surprise, anger, fear, contempt, disgust or neutral state)

Emily system can be used by choosing two options:

Camera a portable device with a camera has the ability to analyse the people faces

Application runs on Windows platforms and is used for the analysis of people who watch the video

In order to analyse the reaction, for example to a video ad for your product, the application is started at the time when the video starts and every second single image is made and analysed to record the reactions of the respondents.

After each image is analysed it is being removed and identified results are stored in a database for further analysis and pattern recognition.

Emily system builds and extends the capabilities of Microsoft Project Oxford service, proven system for the image analysis developed by Microsoft Research department.


Learn how customers react as they watch your products on the shelves in the store and how you can improve sales.

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Shop windows and OOH

Measure the effectiveness of your advertising ad and learn how to adapt them to the target group.

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Digital signage

Learn how advertising video of your product affects your target group in certain digital surfaces.

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Is the packaging of your product interesting enough to customers, maybe the price is inadequate or simply a place on the shelves is not the one that would attract your potential customers?

Emily system allows:

  • Advertising effectiveness measuring
  • Customers identification by age and gender
  • Customers emotion measuring
  • Behavioural customers research

Shop windows and OOH

Not sure how the advertisements you set in the shop windows or on city light systems work and how potential users notice or even react to them?

Emily system enables the measurement of:

  • Advertisements efficiency on the city light systems
  • Shop window lining efficiency
  • Efficiency of the place where your product is exposed
  • Customers emotions

Digital signage

Do you really attract your target group, or you have to make some changes to improve the sales? In order to make your product closer to a specific target group you have to know how it responds to your advertisement and a place where it is showed.

Emily system allows:

  • Advertisements modification by gender and age
  • Video advertising effectiveness measuring
  • Customers identification by age and sex
  • Customers emotions measuring


To improve performance, specific data are important, their trustworthy collection and good analysis.

Emily system allows:

  • Integration with CRM
  • Data collection out of various sources and impact analysis of:
    • weather conditions
    • the historical data
    • the traffic
    • in-store data (store music, temperature, light ...)
  • System can be expanded with over 20 sensors

BI and Analytics

Emily is a smart system that collects and analyses data using advanced algorithms to analyse large amounts of data, their synthesis and machine learning.

All recorded data are sent to Dynamics CRM for analysis, where the system notices the smallest patterns and deviations and learns how to offer concrete and meaningful conclusions.

Case studies

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